Proud to make an impact for our community

Annually, Give A Damn Foundation members support two or three organizations both for and by LGBTQIA+ people. Aimed at improving human rights. And with the goal of improving living and working conditions. During Pride week, we hear how the organizations are doing via video call.

Juli from RED Communitaria Trans from Colombia is in the Netherlands with thanks to Justice & Peace Netherlands and stopped by. Our donation is used to contribute to health during this pandemic, provide food and shelter and to meet in workshops. A part will be used to realize their big dream of a house of their own.

Yazuri from Mésart in Costa Rica was there through Zoom. She talked about providing basic necessities. They also held workshops on nonviolent communication and networking.

The Center for LGBTIQ+ Rights of the Ankara Bar Association in Turkey will tell us more later. In addition to these impressive stories, we were happy to see each other in person again after more than a year. We ended the meeting with drinks and a happy photo. Satisfied and impressed by the resilience and vigor of Juli and Yazuri, we returned home. Nice that we were able to offer support to these people.