The votes have been counted

Our members cast their vote(s) after a round of video calls with five LGBTQIA+ organizations this year. They choose the organization(s) that, in their opinion, need the money the most. This year it was extra difficult. During the COVID 19 pandemic, the need is so great that choosing was extra difficult. So much so that a large proportion of members reported that they would award the money to any organization. In the end, everyone voted. This usually results in two organizations, each receiving half of our donations.

This year the difference between the first three organizations was so small that we all decided to make three of the five organizations happy:

RED Communitaria Trans from Colombia

The LGBTIQ+ Law School from Turkey

MÉSART from Costa Rica

They will receive a donation in May. We make more impact than just the amount donated. If they apply for a fund from another fund provider, our donation will count positively. This creates confidence and is even a requirement for some fund providers to be allowed to apply. In addition to the financial support, all five organizations receive our moral support and tips for further fundraising.