Brave LGBT group in Central Asia works against the odds

This year, we are supporting an unregisterered LGBT group in Central Asia. For safety reasons, we cannot name the group nor the country. Homosexuality is criminalized in this country, the state condemns homosexuality in general and supports homophobic attitudes in society. Active prosecution is taking place. The group we support has to work underground and in fear of harassment and worse.

These brave individuals support the community against the odds, and fearing for their own safety. We admire them and are content that we can support their dangerous work.

The group is strengthening the capacity of the LGBT community by mobilizing, informing and providing support for improving the quality of life of LGBT people, their position in society, and promoting and realizing their rights.

The group provides a safe space, conduct information trainings, thematic workshops, and self-help groups. Members meet at private houses and in small groups, as this is the only safe way to meet. The group also tries to do advocacy by raising awareness at the international level of the situation in their country and works with a number of (anonymous) experts from the medical, psychological, and legal sphere, which contributes to raising the knowledge levels of group members.

The ultimate goal of the group is to build a cohesive and strong community, expand the audience of tolerant LGBT people in the broader community, fight against homo-, bi-, trans-phobia in society, and ultimately change laws and policies.

Het is een lange en gevaarlijke weg om af te leggen en wij zijn trots dat wij een stukje van die weg met hen kunnen gaan dit jaar.