The why of ‘giving circles’: three lessons

Meaningful giving, making more impact together and learning about the topics in which you like to make a difference. In a nutshell, admittedly, but that is what a giving circle brings you. At least, if you ask the founders of Dutch giving circles. On 17 February 2023, they came together for the first time to exchange experiences and learn from each other.

Giving Circles: a strong example of democratic philanthropy and thus an interesting and emerging phenomenon. She herself was
Vera Peerdeman stood at the cradle of one of the first in the Netherlands, the Give a Damn Foundation. Over five years later, it is great to see that the number of Giving Circles in the Netherlands is starting to grow.

Vera writes about this in De Dikke Blauwe including 3 handy tips if you want to start a Giving Circle yourself.

http://Het waarom van ‘giving circles’: drie lessen | De Dikke Blauwe