2022 marked by Ukraine and Zimbabwe

Our members cast their votes during the month of May after five presentations by LGBTQI+ organizations (from Mexico, Tunisia, Ukraine, Zimbabwe and Guatemala).
Organizations were chosen that we felt needed the money the most. This year, a majority of members felt that due to the war in Ukraine, a project from that country should not be missed. With a majority vote, we chose two organizations that we were able to support with wonderful donations this year.

Support for LGBTQ+ in Ukraine
Insight is a Ukrainian human rights organization that brings together lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer people.

The war that began on Feb. 24 of this year had a major impact. Since the start of the war, Insight’s team has been providing emergency assistance to LGBTQ+ people in different regions of Ukraine. Emergency aid involved providing immediate humanitarian assistance (medicine, hygiene products, food, etc.) But it also involved providing safe shelters in Lviv and Chernivtsi, legal advice and crisis psychological support.

Insight for example also ensured that hormone treatments for trans people could continue and provided assistance and safe relocation abroad for LGBTQ+ people and women from vulnerable groups affected by the war.

Participating through access to work and income in Zimbabwe
The second project that received our support was Purple Hand Africa in Zimbabwe. A project that creates employment opportunities for LGBTQI+ people. Purple Hand trains participants, increasing self-confidence, knowledge and skills. The main goal is to provide skills that will help them start and run their own businesses. Participants learn to make their own organic products, such as soap, and to sell it. Some of the profits go back into the Purple Hand project.

The program aims to empower people and promote an open-minded view of gender and sexuality. Purple Hand creates a more confident LGBTQI+ group that forms a niche in the development of Zimbabwe’s economy by creating employment opportunities for themselves and others in the community.

Note that for the projects in Ukraine and Zimbabwe, we make more impact than with the donations alone. When they apply for funds from another fund provider, our donation will count favorably. This builds trust and is even a requirement with some fund providers to apply.

In addition to financial support, all five organizations receive our moral support and tips for further fundraising.